About Manifest Station Studio

Presley Alexander
Owner and Artist at Manifest Station Studio
I choose to use tin cans for the basis of my art. Literally turning trash into treasure. These metal "forms" just filling up landfills are the perfect source for unlimited creativity with my welding torch.

I learned to weld in 2003 and soon after bought my own set up, complete with tanks, regulators and a jeweler's size welding torch that gives me a small precise tool.

My favorite time is spent being absorbed in my studio work. I love the soothing aspect of watching a hot bead of metal slowly work its way from being one little point in the moment, to then standing back and looking at a completed piece, knowing how many small moments added to the whole. 

Outside of studio time, I love to explore the pristine Sierra Nevada woodlands, rivers, creeks, lakes and meadows with my friends, daughter, and two dogs.